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The nursing profession is a cornerstone of the health system in all countries, as it occupies an important and large space in the health field. It is a profession based on mercy and humanity, and its aim is to relieve pain for patients.

The nursing staff at the University Children's Hospital is characterized by personal characteristics and technical skills commensurate with the needs of children in terms of care and special treatment under the auspices of the management of the University Children's Hospital and the management of the nursing staff from: Ms. Hala Lotfi, Head of Nursing, Miss Huda Saber, Vice President of the Nursing Authority, and Miss Thana Ramadan, Vice President of the Nursing Authority.

Our vision:

Children's Hospital nursing should be one of the best medical service practitioners at all levels in the fields of work, research, practice and community service, in accordance with internationally approved performance standards.

Our Message:

The Nursing Department seeks to provide the best nursing services to patients, as well as work to improve the educational level of nursing through effective and continuous training for nursing in order to improve the level of service provided to patients. In order to improve the level of the nursing profession, new teams have been established for the nursing staff:

.The Nursing Quality Team: It visits the medical departments and units to ensure the application of quality procedures and policies in the hospital, as well as the implementation of the required policies and models to ensure that the best medical service is provided to the patient. .

The Nursing Training Team: One of its most important goals is to improve the performance and skills of the nursing department and to keep them informed of all that is new. He trains new and old nurses and acquaints them with the hospital’s systems and regulations through practical training in the hospital’s departments and units.

.Infection control team: One of its objectives is to prevent infection and prevent its spread, by giving lectures and practical training on how to follow and apply infection control procedures in different departments .

The Surveillance Team: It monitors new cases of reportable diseases such as rubella, flaccid paralysis and polio, or monitors any infectious disease case and records it on the national program. Electronic monitoring of infectious diseases.

Head of Nursing Staff

 Hala Lotfi 

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