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With the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Assignment and Honor

I am honored that Mr. Professor Dr. Ashraf Abdel Basset, President of Mansoura University, has assigned me to carry the banner of this great edifice, the Children’s Hospital. University - Mansoura University.

The Children's Hospital provides many medical and community services to all the people of Egypt from the Delta to Upper Egypt due to its Modern scientific technology in diagnosis and treatment methods.

That edifice that is considered a citadel of knowledge and education in the field of pediatrics for our students, both undergraduate and graduate students. Higher (Master’s and Doctorate) as well as a continuing medical education project for our graduates working in the Ministry of Health, Health Insurance, military hospitals, and the police.

-  In the field of training, the hospital enjoys a prominent position among doctors from the Ministry of Health, the Egyptian Fellowship, health insurance, and doctors from Arab and African countries, Eastern Europe, and Asia, due to the distinguished training courses and purposeful scientific conferences it carries out.

-  The University Children's Hospital is one of the medical centers of Mansoura University, the medical capital of Egypt.


Sincerity - Excellence - Quality - Development - Accreditation

These are the principles of the next stage, and hands are extended to receive your suggestions and opinions

(The health of our children...the future of our generations)


                                                                                                   Hospital Director

                                                                      (Prof. Ashraf El Sharkawy)



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