Genetic Clinic

on Thursday in clinic1 of each week receiving new genetic cases for children and for other disciplines example, Department of Dermatology and Internal Medicine, sciatica, obstetrics and infertility.

  • Be detected and action necessary tests, diagnosis and follow - up of nearly 28,328 patients and their families.
  • these patients from all provinces as well as patients converters from other universities and hospitals across the republic.
  • Prenatal diagnosis about 1000cases during pregnancy, which has helped to solve health problems that caused an increase in the disability rate and help to early treatment to save these children.
  • Systematic program for the detection of birth for the early diagnosis of serious illnesses and treatment of these newborns, which had a significant impact in the rescue(according to follow-up).

patients perform the necessary examinations and tests required by the following laboratories:

Cytogenetic Lab

  • Culture chromosomes for patients with genetic diseases such as Down syndrome and other genetic diseases that need to diagnose chromosomes culture.
  • repeated abortions works for father, mother and also the fetus.
  • cases before marriage who have a history in the family genetic any genetic diseases.
  • cases of infertility.
  • Intersex cases.
  • Cases of primary amenorrhea Primary Amenorrheo.
  • working culture chromosomes of the leukemia cases where these culture are useful for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Hybridization work by FISH device and for the leukemia, intersex and microdeletion.
  • A cracking test to diagnose cases of chromosomes anemia Fanuccony.

Metapolism lab

  • Confirmatory analysis of the amino acids through HPLC.
  • Haemoglobin electrophresis analysis.
  • Mucopolysacharride.
  • Metabolic screen.

Molecular Genetics Lab

Work PCR polymerase chain analysis of cases:

  • Fragile - X.
  • Azospermia(AZF)(absence of sperm).
  • Thalassemia(Mediterranean anemia.
  • Myopathy (muscle weakness).
  • Factor V clotting factor.
  • Clotting factor (PT) Prothrompine.
  • FMF (Mediterranean fever).
  • SMA (hereditary muscular dystrophy.

Flow Cytometry Lab

  • Semen ploidy.
  • Semen condensation.
  • Immunophenotyping: (CD14,CD3,CD4,CD8,CD19,CD33,CD34/CD45).
  • Elisa (triple test).
  • Apoptosis (CD95, Sub G1 , Annexin-v).
  • Cell cycle of DNA.
  • RNA analysis.

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