Clinic Table

 Clinic location: ground floor - outpatient clinics building - Mansoura University Children Hospital.

Clinic/Day Clinic1 Clinic 2 Clinic 3 Clinic 4 Clinic 5 Clinic 6 Clinic 7 Clinic 8 Clinic 9
Saturday Diabetes Cardiac diseases Allergy General General General Pediatric Surgery


 Comparison of cases between hospitals

Neurology (behavior and sleep disorder) Hematology + blood transfusion
Sunday Endemic (malnutrition) Digestive system (liver) Hematology + blood transfusion General General General Pediatric Surgery Rheumatism Lupus nephritis
Monday Endocrine glands Nephrologydiseases (general) Digestive system General General General Pediatric Surgery Genetics Hematology + blood transfusion
Tuesday Genetics Allergy Neurology (epilepsy) General General General Pediatric Surgery Dairy allergy Endocrine glands 
Wednesday Endemic (infectious diseases) Cardiac diseases Hematology + blood transfusion Hematology  General General Pediatric Surgery Leather Nephrology
Thursday Genetics Nephrology(urination disorder diseases) Nerves (cerebral palsy) General General General Pediatric Surgery Cardiac Surgery Bedwetting

Reception working days: Sunday - Tuesday - Thursday.

. It is necessary to bring the card and a photo of Child's birth certificate

Outpatient clinics:

  • It occupies the ground floor of the outpatient clinics building.
  • Outpatient clinics receive at least eight hundred patients daily.
  • The clinics are divided as follows (each room contains two examination beds.
  • General clinics include rooms (5, 4, 8).
  • It employs a faculty member, (2) assistant lecturers, and (2) resident doctors, along with internship physician trainees.

Specialized clinics:

  • The number of three rooms to follow up on the cases of specialized units:
  • Clinic (1) Genetics Unit - Infectious Diseases and Nutrition, Endocrinology and Diabetes.
  • Clinic (2): Heart Unit - Digestive System and Liver Unit - Kidney Unit - Allergy Unit.
  • Clinic (3) Allergy Unit - Hematology and Oncology Unit - Neurology Unit.
  • Clinic (6) A clinic dedicated to the Pediatric Surgery Unit for detection and follow-up.
  • Clinic (7) Neurology Unit Cardiac Surgery - Endocrinology and Diabetes - Heart Unit Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Clinic - Cardiac Surgery Clinic.
  • Clinic (9) Hematology and Oncology Unit - Kidney Genetics Heart Surgery.

Clinics that do not have internal departments:

Primary care clinic provides the following services

  • Awareness about breastfeeding and providing the mother with all the data related to that period.
  • Giving solutions for cases of intestinal infections (orally and intravenously).
  • Infection control in the hospital (in cooperation with the Department of Microbiology - Faculty of Medicine).
  • Treatment is provided to patients in public and private outpatient clinics free of charge through the outpatient pharmacy, and treatment is also provided at the state’s expense for some patients to whom the state provides this service.

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