Promoting the medical service within the University Children’s Hospital in Mansoura, ensuring the provision of the best techniques in diagnosis and treatment for all children, as well as promoting scientific research and training programs, increasing the hospital’s role in serving the community, and developing the environment on a global level. At the local and regional levels, increasing the financial and material resources of the hospital, and contributing to improving the academic and material level of faculty members, their assistants, and hospital workers.

Providing distinguished medical service in the field of pediatrics and neonatology for the Delta region in particular and all governorates of Egypt in general and the neighboring sisterly Arab countries, with an interest in providing continuing medical education to students and graduates of medical colleges and providing advanced scientific research and its application. Serving the surrounding community in the field of pediatrics.

The mission of the Children's Hospital is achieved through the following goals:

  • Raising the level of scientific research  In various specialties in the field of pediatrics.
  • Raising the level of medical service provided to the community.
  • Develop programs and curricula and expand student activities and services to achieve the hospital's mission.
  • Complete the hospital's institutional capacity and infrastructure and support and develop the hospital's human and financial resources.
  • Developing scientific research and completing postgraduate and diploma programs to achieve the hospital's research plan.
  • Supporting community participation with all sectors and the surrounding community.
  • Continuous evaluation of educational effectiveness, institutional capacity, and quality management.


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