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Dear professors, faculty members and their assistants, my dear colleagues, our children visiting the hospital with the aim of receiving treatment, the hope of our beloved Egypt, the land of Kanana.

Based on our lofty mission to advance the Children’s University Hospital and our radiant universities that enjoy the light of their distinguished doctors, scientists, and workers, it was necessary for all of us to exert more effort, each in our position, in order to achieve the lofty goal of our institution with the lofty medical goal of treating our children, which is to prepare Distinguished young people, with good health and high competence in all places, and whose knowledge and culture keep pace with all eras.

Hospital secretary

(Mister\ Ahmed Saleh Attia)

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60 Al-Gomhoria Street, Children's Hospital, Mansoura University, 35516

  02+ (050) 2200207 - 2200204

  02+ (050) 2200206 - 2238673

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