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 :Laboratories Department


:Lab Department includes

1- Providing a distinguished medical laboratory service by: - Providing all medical analyzes for hospital patients according to the available capabilities, taking into account the quality mechanisms. - Reviewing the results by doctors before uploading them to the Ibn Sina system.

2- Continuous improvement and development by adding new devices and technologies to laboratories.

3- Cooperate with laboratories in neighboring university hospitals to achieve quality goals and provide the necessary medical analyzes for hospital patients, according to what is available.

4- Contribute to scientific research within the hospital and university.

:Work Periode Time

.24 Hours for Seven days

:Available Scans

1. Routine Chemistry ( liver , kidney function tests, calcium, phosphorus ), electrolytes ( Na. K ) and Blood gases. - Protein in body fluids.

2. Routine hematology( CBC, Retic, Differential leucocytic count, platelet count, Osmotic fragility, Sikling test, Direct coombs test ), BM.

3. Peripheral blood film examination.

4. Special hematology tests ( Iron, Ferrtin, TIBC, Hb electrophoresis ) - Coagulation tests.

5. Microbiological, and serological tests.

6. Immunological tests: - ANA - Anti ds DNA - C3 - Immunoglobuulins IgM,IgG,IgA, C3 - Virologial Screening include anti HCV, anti HIV, HBsAg, RPR, TORCH , HbsAb, HbeAg and Core IgM.

7. Urine and Stool analysis. - CMV and HCV PCR. 

These analyzes are available to patients and treatment is paid.

Activities of Mansoura University Children's Hospital

Carrying out blood donation campaigns.

1- A visit was made to the New Beginning Institution for Shelter to take care of the elderly on September 20 and those who are homeless to make the necessary medical analyzes for them

2- Participation with the community service and environmental affairs sector at the College of Medicine and the College of Commerce, with the participation of students of the Manchester College of Medicine, to create a database of potential donors for the blood bank of the Children's University Hospital in Mansoura. Prof. Dr. Reham El Farahati, Dr. Ahmed Taqi El Din, Assist.Lecturere. Clinical Pathologist, Ihab Kamel, participated in the campaign.

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3- Carrying out a campaign to donate blood to the blood bank of the University Children's Hospital at New Mansoura University on October 23. Prof. Reham Al-Farhati, Director of Laboratories, Dr. Mai Shalaby, Supervisor of the Blood Bank, Prof. Mahmoud El-Morsy and Ihab Kamel, medical analysis technicians, participated in the campaign. Mrs. Enas Zuhair, Head of Nursing at the Mansoura University Children's Hospital Blood Bank, in addition to a number of nurses, secretaries and workers.

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Lab Supervisors:

Hematology Supervisors:

Pro. Manal Ibrahim Fouda.

Chemistry Supervisors:

Prof. Mohammed Ali Atwa.

Parasiology Supervisors:

Prof. Mona Abou Bakr.

Microbiology Supervisors:

Prof. Wall Othman.

Blood Bank Supervisors:

Dr. Hana Morcos Abdel Masih.

Immunology Supervisors:

Dr. Hossam Abdel Tawab.

:Lab Department Head

Prof. Reham Mohamed Farhaty


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