• The department works under the supervision of Prof. Mahmoud Abdel Latif, Professor of Diagnostic Radiology

    The department provides free services to patients of the hospital's inpatient departments and a nominal fee for outpatient patients and health insurance as follows:

    • Regular X-rays, barium rays, and dyes
    • Sound wave examination (with taking samples from the liver, kidneys, and tumors for pathological analysis)
    • Inspection of blood vessels using color Doppler
    • MRI (normal and dye)
    • CT scan (plain and dye)

    The department contains x-ray machines:

  •  Regular X-ray machine 2.
  • 3 sound waves device
  • Color Doppler
  • MRI machine (1.5 Tesla)
  • CT Scan 128
  • 5 mobile X-ray machines in the internal departments and care and nursery units
  • Operational X-ray machine
M Name Specialization
1 Professor Dr. Muhammad Abdel Latif  Professor of Radiology - Administrative Officer
2 Professor Dr. Wael Abdel Ghaffar Professor of Radiology
3   Prof. Dr. Fatima Sharif Radiology
4 Dr. Naglaa Salah El-Din Radiology


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