Infection and Nutrition Clinic

 Malnutrition Clinic

Clinical examination at the outpatient clinic for endemic diseases and malnutrition diseases, on Sunday of every week.

Infectious Diseases Clinic

It is on Wednesday of every week in Clinic 1 .

  • The outpatient clinic treats and follows up on children suffering from parasitic diseases, fever, tuberculosis, immunodeficiency, and malnutrition diseases.
  • Treatment of diarrheal diseases and dehydration, as there is a special unit for treating these children affiliated with the Infectious Diseases Unit. 
  • Implementing primary care programs and training students in these programs, which include treating dehydration resulting from acute diarrhea, encouraging breastfeeding, and vaccination against various infectious diseases.
  • Laboratory diagnosis of bacterial, viral, parasitic infectious diseases and malnutrition diseases through the laboratory located in the Infectious Diseases Unit, which includes:
  • Device for diagnosing bacterial and fungal infections  In blood and biological fluids.
  • Diagnosing microbial infections using the ELISA device and fluorescent microscopy.
  • Diagnosis of infectious diseases using PCR technology.

:After examining a patient with malnutrition and infectious diseases, the required analysis is determined from the following

  • Farm work.
  • Diagnosis of hepatitis viruses  And tuberculosis.
  • Early detection of tuberculosis using Bactek.
  • Blood culture work.
  • Diagnosis of schistosomiasis and diseases of the anus and rectum.
  • Serological diagnosis of infectious diseases.
  • Doing research on metallic elements.


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