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Gentlemen welcome visitors to the pathology laboratory at the Children's University Hospital in Mansoura

On this introductory page, we hope to succeed in conveying to you the full picture of the laboratory and all the services provided by faculty members and laboratory workers.

Despite the long history of the laboratory and its establishment years ago, it is witnessing real developments and leaps in scientific content, in addition to the amazing technical development in the laboratory of the Department of Pathology at the Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, and hence the diagnostic services.

Pathology is a very accurate science, which is entrusted with the study of changes that occur in different tissues in the organs of the human body in various diseases, and thus accurately diagnoses these diseases based on histological and cellular analyses, given the huge responsibility in providing diagnostic services to patients in the Delta and neighboring governorates. Pathologist at the University Children's Hospital by applying the highest quality standards in analyzing and diagnosing the different samples that arrive in the laboratories daily.

  • The laboratory contains the latest microscopes for examination and imaging of samples.
    The laboratory contains the latest equipment for preparing and cutting samples
    Lab activities

(Frozen section) Taking samples during operations for testing.

Analysis of children's tissues and tumors from the following:

  • Liver samples.
  • Kidney samples.
  • Excess samples.
  • Bowel samples.
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy.


Facilities and equipment

First: the hardware

We have the following devices available in the pathology laboratory at the University Children's Hospital of the Department of Pathology at the Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University: - In accordance with the capabilities and requirements of the laboratory:

  • Intraoperative ice cutting devices (cryostats).
  • Microscope systems equipped with high-resolution digital cameras for viewing and imaging slides
  • Computers and printers connected to the Internet with the connection to the "Ibn Sina" electronic system of the pathology laboratory at the Mansoura University Children's Hospital to export results and reports as soon as they are written and stored directly in the system's databases.
  • Ovens and microwaves.
  • Machines for passing and processing tissues for parafin technology.
  • Microtome devices for cutting waxy tissue blocks (microtomes).
  • Wax casting devices for preparing blocks using paraffin technology.
  • Refrigerators for storing chemicals.
  • Centrifuges for liquid samples.
  • Cabinets for storing surgical samples after cutting.
  • Cabinets for keeping archived slides and paraffin sample blocks.

Second: the available analyzes and examinations

We have the pathology laboratory at the University Children's Hospital, Mansoura University, the possibility of conducting the following tests according to the capabilities of the laboratory.

  • Microscopic examination of surgical specimens, including partial specimens or completely excised tissues, using routine stains.
  • Performing diagnostic and predictive immunohistochemical stains of various types
  • Conducting various types of cellular examination analyzes with the possibility of collecting cells, preparing wax blocks and applying immunostaining stains on them.
  • Ice cutting and examination of specimens and preliminary diagnosis during surgery.
  • Examination of bone marrow samples and immunophenotyping of hemato-lymphomas with
  • Examination and diagnosis of kidney samples and application of special dyes to reach the most accurate diagnosis.
  • Examination of liver samples for various pathological conditions and endoscopy samples of the digestive system

Third: facilities

  • A room for cutting samples and preparing samples
  • Teaching staff room for microscopic examination.
  • An office for the administrative specialist of the pathology laboratory to receive samples and write reports.

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