The competitive features of the University Children's Hospital

International Training Courses

On the competitive features of the Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura and medical data centers for years to 2014: 2016
Contribution from Mansoura University Hospitals standing and its leading role in scientific research and improve medical level of performance to provide high-quality medical service, and to keep pace with the continued development of methods and procedures of modern medical systems
The University Children's Hospital. Mansoura University is organizing the following training programs to give trainees the necessary expertise and skills in this area and to disseminate the many disciplines of Pediatrics and other disciplines and their auxiliary in the hospital in order to enhance the level of medical performance and to provide high-quality medical service to patients:
The total trainees those programs during the period from July 2014 until May 2016, and the number of 180 trainees:
1. resident physician training program visiting: training for up to 36 months to 37 Egyptian doctor
2. The Egyptian fellowship training program: training for two months until 12 a month for 13 Egyptian trainee
                                                   4 Children 0.5 newborns 0.2 Pharmacy 0.2 Specialist Nursing
3. Training a doctor specializing in the Egyptian program: training for a month to 12 a month for 93 Egyptian doctor
                                                  There are 12 doctors have training in more than one medical unit
                                 3 nerves 0.6 glands 0.8 Digestive 0.9 Kidney 0.6 hematology and oncology 0.2 Genetics
                                      12 sensitivity 0.4 heart 0.22 newborns 0.26 Care 0.2 reception, a radiology,
                                      2 infectious diseases 0.1 heart surgery and issued 0.6 Surgery 0.2 section 1.1 section 2.2 section 3,
4. training of specialists and technicians nursing program: training for two months for a number two Egyptian technical Nursing
5. training to conduct medical tests program: training for a month for 36 major laboratories 0.1 by a factor of genetics
                                                    [21 science 0.11 Veterinary 0.3 Pharmacy 0.1 Medicine 0.1 cultivation]
6. Training Program and the Arab Doctors Aliens: training for one month up to 6 months to 2 doctors and arrivals
                                                [1 from Jordan, one from Nigeria]
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