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Prof/ Zakarya Ibrahim Ibrahim El Morsi  Professor of Pediatrics)

Prof/ Ahmed Abd El Salam El Sayed Settin (Professor of Pediatrics)

Prof/ Ali Ali Ibrahim Shaltot (Professor of Pediatrics,Head

Prof/ Mohammed Abd El Rahman Wahba Shoukair (Professor of Pediatrics)

Prof/ Mohammed Mohammed Saleh Al Hagar (Professor of Pediatrics,Head)

Prof/ Sohir Yehia Abdel Razek Mohamed (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/Dina Mohamed Abdel Hady(Lect.Pediatrics)

Dr/ Yahya Mohamed Mukhtar Wahba(Assistant Lec.of Pediatric)

Dr/ abd El Rahman Eid Mohammed (Assistant Lec.of Pediatric)

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Dr/Mohammed Mustafa Hafez Established Genetics Unit disease in 1978 school and scientific specialization Advanced and important role in the field of advanced technology for Genetic Engineering,Gene growing,Chromosomes,Immune Genetic and Almitapolzim defect in different genetic diseases and early diagnosis before birth. The unit has become School science in a scientific discipline in Technology Advanced faculty members,students and technicians.

Unit place:

Mansoura University Children Hospital (Main Building- Fourth Floor).

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Genetic cure diseases - MENTAL - premarital tests - recurrent miscarriage - Genetic survey of relatives cases.

:Therapy Services

Clinical therapy for different cases and the unit hopes gene therapy in the near future .


Teaching genetics, genetic diseases and uses cutting-edge technology in the diagnosis and treatment of undergraduate and graduate studies (diploma - Master - PhD: Department of pediatric - women and childbirth - ENT, audiology and speech).

Scientific Research

  • The unit perform series of advanced research in genetic diseases that are significant and have produced significant results published in Scientific Journals specialized facility "list research" The Unit cooperation in joint research with the Egyptian universities, abroad universities and scientific centers.
  • The unit send cadres for training abroad also receives foreign experts to gain experience and upgrade performance.
  • The unit work part scientific to a large number of Masters and PhDs for the pediatric department and for sections of the Faculty of Medicine of various "clinical and academic" that relationship genetic diseases and also the part practical Masters and Doctorate for colleges include the University of Mansoura, such as the Faculty of Science, and also for universities such as the Faculty of Alexandria - Ain Shams medicine and also national Research Center.

Diagnosis and treatment of disease and followed

During 33 years (from 1978 until now) has been providing medical services as follows: -

  • Detection and action necessary tests, diagnosis and follow-up of more than 30,000 patients with their families, these patients from all provinces as well as patients converters from other universities and hospitals across the republic.
  • Prenatal diagnosis of more than 1,500 cases during pregnancy, which has helped to solve health problems have caused an increase in the disability rate and help to early treatment to save these children.
  • Systematic program for the detection of birth for the early diagnosis of serious illnesses and treatment of these newborns, which had a significant impact in the rescue (according to follow-up these services are made by medical (outpatient - inpatient department)


  • Train different (faculty members - students - technicians) among workers unity in other faculty Departments, other universities and scientific centers such as the University of Zagazig - Azhar - Assiut and Alexandria and also cadres of the Ministry of Health Some group followed project.

guidance genetic importance of genetic diseases and spread: -

  • Training on advanced technological means in the study of chromosomes and genes and genetic immune diagnosis during pregnancy and in the periods to train staff of the University and other universities and workshops.
  • The practical part of the doctoral dissertations and master's students from Mansoura University and other universities
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