Diagnosis,treatment and follow-up of the following :

  • Congenital and secondary muscle disease.
  • Peripheral and stroke nerve disease.
  • Different types of coma cases.
  • It is the only unit outside Cairo where it 's members trained to give injected botulinum muscle relaxants in cases of spinal muscle atrophy that accompany myopathy patients.
  • The unit along with medical treatment work with physiotherapy cases of paralysis by specialist physiotherapy.
  • The unit Serve patients from various governorates of the Delta.
  • Number of patients attending outpatient clinics average 60 patients in each clinic day.
  • The work of more than five thousand(EEG)brain mapping and more than two thousand cases of musclemapping (EMG) and study nerve conduction and evoked potential.

Scientific activitis:

Supervision of Masters and PhD neurology unit and cooperation with other units in scientific fields related to nerve disease in children.

Scientific conferences and workshop:

  • different workshops are performed to train doctors in the field of pediatric neurology.
  • Reviewed scientific research the multiple in most scientific conferences of the Egyptian Society for Neuro children and the World Association of the nerves of the children.
  • A has been selected. Dr/ Mustafa Ayouti head a scientific session at the Eleventh World Conference for Children 2011 and nerves held in Egypt this conference holding Durba in different countries of the world.
  • The first workshop in conjunction with members of the Egyptian Society for Neuro children attended by professors from all Egyptian. universities - Mansoura University Children's Hospital - Marshall Island Hotel 2007.
  • The second workshop - Hospital children Ajamay - Ramada Hotel Mansoura University 2009.
  • The third workshop - in conjunction with the Conference of Pediatrics - University Children's Hospital Mansoura January 2011.
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