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Sterilization Equipment Room

Apheresis lab

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The unit established in 1977

The unit activity through:

Outpatient clinic and (6) beds in fifth floor.

Unit Place:

Mansoura University Children Hospital ( Outpatient clinic building - Second Floor).

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  • Blood irradiation.
  • Apheresis device.
  • Saving platelets device.
  • Cooling device and Save marrow cells.
  • Analyzer clotting factors.
  • Sterilization device(sterilization dry cold plasma.
  • Air sterilization device.
  • Pumps Fusion device.
  • oven to sterilize instruments.
  • Water bath for melt frozen marrow bags.
  • Icing spinal device with a computer screen and disc.
  • Plasma freeze device(Save frozen plasma).
  • Welder bags for sterilization device.
  • Welder near the blood.
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1.Dealing with cases of self-bone marrow transplant from a compatible donor.
2.A bone marrow transplant cases, whether self or from a compatible donor.
3. Conducting laboratory analysis of the cases of various blood diseases, both related to planting spinal or otherwise.
4. Separation of blood cells and its components apheresis device unit.
5. Irradiation of blood components and derivatives and blood irradiation device unit.
6. Sterilize medical supplies cold sterilization device unit.
7. Training doctors and medical teams assisting in the stages of bone marrow transplantation and dealing with different implant cases.

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