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 Tuberculosis lab

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Teaching activity

  • Teaching infectious diseases and malnutrition in children for undergraduate students.
  • Teaching of infectious diseases for graduate students.
  • Training of graduate students in the field of infectious diseases and malnutrition in children.
  • Work sessions and workshops for Interns and the Ministry of Health and fellowship area of infectious diseases and malnutrition.
  • Work training programs for resident physicians in the field of Infection Control.
  • Seminars to raise awareness of work in the field of infectious diseases and epidemics.

Research activity:

The unit through faculty members supervise.

  • Master.
  • 11 Ph.D.
  • 50 scientific research publication.

Therapeutic and service activities:

  • outpatient treatment and follow - up of children with parasitic infections and fevers, tuberculosis and HIV, as well as diseases of malnutrition The number of visitors to the unit more than 2500 patients.
  • Treatment of diarrheal diseases and drought, where there is a special unit for the treatment of these children belonging to the infectious diseases unit.
  • The unit treating critical cases in the field of infectious diseases and HIV and malnutrition in the inner section of the unit, which includes twelve beds and the number of cases that are treated about 250 cases annually.
  • The unit monitors children to treat breastfeeding problems and educating mothers about proper methods and how to overcome problems related to nutrition through breastfeeding clinic.
  • The Microbiology Laboratory of the unit immune diagnosis and Microbiology for various infectious diseases.
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  • Anal telescope.
  • Fluorescent microscope and camera device extension.
  • Three Microscope Average devices.
  • Deep Freezer device.
  • Refrigerator save samples.
  • Air sterilization device . U.V
  • My air flow Laminar
  • Autoclave.
  • A small nursery.
  • Hema Tochrit Center Veug.
  • Counter bacterial.
  • Eliza read.
  • laundering.
  • centrifuges
  • P.C.R (qualitative device).
  • Gel electrophoresis device
  • Blood Culture
  • Vital Blood Culture.
  • Top Bench Otoclaf device
  • Atomic Absorption of the elements.
  • Blood gases device.
  • U.P.S.2KVA device.
  • U.P.S. 5KVA.
  • Inhalation device.
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  • The unit was created in 1980. Unit provides services through: The primary care unit and be working out every day to train mothers to breastfeed as well as the treatment of dehydration. Unity headquarters:

Unit Place:

Mansoura University Children Hospital (Outpatient clinic - Second floor).

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Prof/ Samir mohamed Abo El Hassan Tantawi (Professor of Pediatrics)

Prof/ Osman Suleiman El Adle(Professor of Pediatrics,Head)

Dr/ Rasha Hassan Hassan El Qenawy(Lect.Pediatrics)

Dr/ Mustafa Abd El Aal Hegazy Hassan (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Shaima Mohammed Abouzeid Kandil (Lect.Pediatrics)

Dr/Mayada Sabry Husseiny (Assistant Lect.of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Ali Abd El Wahab Sobh (Assistant Lect.of Pediatric)

Administration and technician:

  • Emad Abdul Latif Ibrahim             (Laboratory Technician)
  • Tamer Abd El Sayed Mahdi         (Laboratory Technician)
  • Eman Hassan Ahmed                   (Maintenance Technician)
  • Samah Zohny Megahed Mujahid  (Maintenance Technician)
  • Hanim Mohamed Mohamed (Administrative Secretary)
  • Nasser Taha Awad                         (Clean Worker)
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Contact Us

Mansoura, 60Elgomhoria st, Mansoura University Chlidern Hospital , 35516

Fax:  0502238673
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.