Registerion department

Actions by the registration desk

-Registration Office offers several services, namely: -

- Register tickets patients to public clinics and private.

- Writing medical reports and expense reports and letter of referral for health insurance.

- Reserve dates surgeries.

- A satisfactory entry for the Interior Department.

- Transfer of patients to a sampling room for business analysis.

- Print dates of attendance cards for future visits.

- Inquire about patients present within the hospital

- Print test results for each clinics

- An entry of patients a day care

First: - Join the medical terms are registered tickets patients system Ibn Sina and organizing entry by role to the clinic public, private and controlled in order entry to detect by a system (NIDA Digital Digital calling) where the system works down the date and time attendance office so as not to be missed .

The Children's Hospital of the first hospitals to operate this electronic system in the service of patients.

- The medical reports and the state's expense reports and letters of conversion of the Health Insurance: -

Join where the employee left all reports on the computer and office shall be responsible for the signing of the physician and the seal of the report and delivered to the patient and that happens without accompanying the patient in order to further progress in the service.

- Reserve dates surgeries where the Office of going into all the details of surgery in the hospital, appointments available.

- Department of Internal Access cases section: - where it is an end to all procedures and the secretary of the office accompanied by the patient and deliver access to papers Interior Department to speed the rise of the patient and provide medical service speed.

- Register the required analyzes and transfer the patient to a sampling room and the system works at a speed required for analysis, while giving the patient the ticket for Dljul clinic to detect by the number listed on the ticket by the role.

- Print dates of attendance cards to detect: - where detection is booking dates for private clinics to Ibn Sina-mail system and record appointment the next visit to follow up the patient with print card showing the next date.

- Inquire about the patients who were inside the hospital.

- Print test results for all clinics.

- An entry of patients a day care (section per day).

Under the supervision of

Tamer elsaed Awad Awad (Head Register)

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