Operate laundry four supervisors - Iron man - Tailor - six workers.

Nature of the work, Department of Laundry

The supervisors acknowledgment of internal departments, the next step sorting laundry henceach section is separated washing contaminated blood and contaminated laundry is of the same class when dealing with  under the supervision of Mr. Eng / Metwally Mr Alabsawy (department head).

There are (3) washing machine of capacity 35 kg and a small washer capacity of 25 kg.

The washing machine of 35 kg washing hospital Mattresses and the washing machine 25 kg are laundered uniform of  workers and doctors.

The Laundry laundering of 700 kg to 750 kg per day and then turns washing afterwards to section dryers three-dryers for drying linen and followed by a phase of sorting laundry to make sure of cleaning and the absence of any dirty out and followed by a step of ironing where available three Iron in order to iron doctors uniforms  and workers accompanying daily before it was delivered.


Repair clothes and furnishings of Staff, Employees and hospital patients  in addition to detailing the needs of the hospital for fashion when needed.

Iron man

Implement and ironing furnishings and hospital furniture workers a day after the completion of the drying. 

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