Children's University Hospital for the ISO 9001: 2015 on 01/01/2017 of the new year

 Mounsoura University Children's Hospital Get  ISO 9001: 2015 and is the fruit of an effort in 2016 to members of the faculty section, doctors and Amin hospital team and the hospital staff and administrators, where the TQCSI company Australian visit review of the Children's Hospital University in Mansoura as requirements to grant the hospital international accreditation certificate in ISO 9001: 2015 thus, the children's Hospital University Mounsour be the first in Mansoura University Hospital and the Health Ministry gets ISO specifications iSO 9001: 2015 certification
And advancing the hospital administration sincere thanks and appreciation,
Mr. Prof. Dr. / Mohammed Hassan Kenawy President of Mansoura University,
Mr. Prof. Dr. / Said Abdel Hady, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and
Mr. Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Mansour, head of the hospital's quality
For their continued support for the Mansoura University Children's Hospital in obtaining international accreditation certificate in quality iSO 9001: 2015
As progressing administration and sincere appreciation
Mr/ Mona Abdel Qader an administrator-quality documents
The team has Associate
Mr / Rod Nabil
Mr/ Mohammed Ryad and
Mr/ Mustafa Mohsen
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Prof. Mohammad Hassan Kenawy President of Mansoura University and Prof. Ahmed EL Refaey the director of Mansoura University Children's Hospital's opened new MRI at Mansoura University Children's Hospital during the ceremony which was held Hall Prof. Mahdi

Opening accountant Hossam El Din Imam Dakahlia governor, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abdel Basset al-Mansoura University Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Saeed Abdel Hady Dean of Medicine, Mansoura, Prof. Dr. Magdy Abu al-Kheir was attended by chairman of the pediatrics department, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rifai, director children's University Hospital, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abdel-Rahman Consultant Radiology at children's Hospital, Prof. Dr. Reda Abdel-Salam and Dean of the Faculty of Law, Mansoura for Education and student Affairs, former East and the Governor, Captain Ahmed Hassan captain Egypt, former football and Dean of players in the world, Sheikh Taha increase the Undersecretary of the Ministry Endowments Dakahlia, Bishop David Bishop of Mansoura, Brigadier Ehab Mr. Hilal, the commander of a recruiting Mansoura, Colonel engineer Tamer Nassar military adviser to the governor of Dakahlia, Dr. Saad al-Mekki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Dakahlia, businessman, engineer Syed Samir patron festivities in addition to a number of gentlemen faculty of medicine Mansoura members children's Hospital and the University.
And accept Prof.  Ahmed El Refaey director of children Mansoura University Hospital pediatric facilities available at Children's Hospital University. Where he confirmed he was working on the development of the hospital to get to the top of the medical service, because they serve six provinces at a rate of 300 cases per day, he explained Dr. Ahmad said the hospital has the latest non-modern devices available in hospitals in the Delta, where available by 12 units specialized the highest level, also provides hospital service in the field of rare Kalkla specialties and surgeries open heart and digestive system and perspectives, is also working on the treatment of rare diseases, food Kaltmthel disease genetics, and held a special corner of the Games at the hospital to alleviate all sorrows and pains, also pointed out that children's Hospital is subject under the umbrella of Higher Education, which is based on based on the provision of all modern medical equipment and supplies and Akfou doctors and most important of these devices provided MRI machine at a cost of abandon 13 million pounds, and is said great at the level of medicine at the University of Mansoura. What pointed to the honorable role of pharmacists, which has managed to turn the hospital to overcome the problem of lack of solutions suffered by the governorates of Egypt. For his part, spoke about the work on the upgrades the hospital, including the two-story establishment of outpatient to accommodate a higher number because of the queue is long in the children's newborn intensive care, and will work full maintenance of the plants to reach a higher level of precision in Egypt, in addition to that he will work alone marrow transplant the opening alone new heart in the near future.
Dr. Ashraf Abdel Rahman advisory rays and magnetic resonance device having at Children's Hospital at the University of Mansoura useful and protects children from moving to foreign hospitals in order to conduct magnetic resonance rays, which take a long time to have Ataathmlh the case of the child.
Prof. Magdi Abu El Khair chairman of the pediatrics department of Medicine, Mansoura and believes that all of the children University Hospital at the University of Mansoura management efforts and the Department of Pediatrics at Mansoura University did not stop in order to raise the efficiency of performance medical and activating the role of scientific research in the use of the latest medical devices in the treatment of various diseases with ongoing modernization of curricula and methods of assessing students.
Prof. Mohammad Hassan Kenawy President of Mansoura University assured the need to touch the citizen efforts in the medical service on the ground, stressing the keenness of the university on the development of all university medical centers to become the best level, Developing medical service is in parallel with the educational and research service.
He called Prof. Dr. Saeed Abdel Hady not to overlook the role of the founding professors of the Children's Hospital at the University of Mansoura, wishing the completion of the ongoing medical centers working out the speed at Mansoura University.
Kamel Hossam El Din Imam Dakahlia governor conservative believes that Mansoura University distinct in all scientific and research fields, especially in the field of medicine through specialized medical centers that serve the people of the Delta governorates promising to allocate place accommodates new branch of the Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura in Gamasa.
And Captain Ahmed Hassan captain Egypt, former football and Dean of players in the world emphasized his eagerness to engage in any business or project serves the private citizen if the attached area of ​​health, such as Children's Hospital at the University of Mansoura, which serves thousands of children in the province of Dakahlia and its neighboring provinces even see them in better health.


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Congratulation with Merry Christmas Day

Mansoura Unversity Children's Hospital Management congratulate all hospital Staff , Members  and Patients on the occasion of Merry Christmas Day , Hopping God give you health and wellness .

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