Nursing Staff

  • Featuring the Children's Hospital nursing personal characteristics and technical skills commensurate with what the child needs special care and treatment.
  • The number of nursing staff at the hospital 443 of whom 305 wise Diploma in nursing school and wise art holds Average Nursing Institute and 138 nursing specialist holds a Bachelor of Nursing.
  • Operating units and departments under the supervision of a specialist nurses and nursing need some units to be most of the nursing staff of nursing specialists such as neonatal intensive care and marrow transplant and cardiac catheterization where the work needs to these units to special skills.

In order to upgrade the nursing profession has been to create partitions for nursing staff including:

  • Training Section: This section of the main objectives of raising the level of service nursing hand scientific level and the level of performance and to all members of the nursing staff Children's Hospital, as well as training Almklvat neo techniques nursing specialists nursing under the supervision of the hospital doctors and selected members of the Faculty of Nursing.
  • Infection control section: This section aims to prevent infection and non-proliferation as often as possible and work through lectures and exercises on how to follow the scientific practical means to prevent infection in different departments and also how to eliminate the infection when spread in collaborating team from the department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, with doctors and Children's Hospital nurses under the supervision of  Prof / Mohamed Abou Ela (Professor Microbiology)
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