Infection and Nutrition Clinic


Malnutrition clinic:

It Will be held on Sunday in clinic 1of each week .

Infection Diseases clinic:

It Will be held on Wednesday in clinic 1 of each week.

  • The outpatient treatment and follow-up of children with parasitic infections and fevers, tuberculosis and HIV, as well as diseases of malnutrition.
  • treatment of diarrheal diseases and drought, where there is a special unit for the treatment of these children belonging to the infectious diseases unit.

After screening the patient malnutrition and infectious diseases specified the required analysis: 

  • farm work.
  • Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis, tuberculosis.
  • Early detection of tuberculosis microbe.
  • Work blood cultures.
  • Diagnose schistosomiasis disease, anus and rectum.
  • Diagnosis Sir Logie for Infectious Diseases.
  • Research work on the metal elements. 


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