Endocrinology Clinic

Diabetes clinic for new and  follow up cases

  • Diabetes clinic at Saturday morning of every week.
  • At room number one (outpatient clinic) with 2 beds for clinical examination.
  • Serve 50 diabetic cases each clinic.

follow up diabetic case includes

  • Child's growth as regards weight, height or length pubertal stage.
  • Clinical examination for other pathological findings or the appearance of chronic diabetic complications.
  • Making files for newly diagnosed cases and follow up cards.
  • Analysis for blood glucose urinary acetone.
  • Laboratory tests for early detection of complications of chronic diabetic cases as regards the kidney, eyes, and nervous system.

Endocrinology clinic for follow up cases

  • Endocrinology clinic –every Monday morning.
  • At room number one(outpatient clinic) with 2 beds for clinical examination.
  • Serve about 60 patients every week.

The following problems are delt with:

  • Short stature.
  • Diabetes insipidus.
  • Delayed puberty.
  • Disorders of thyroid hormone.
  • Parathyroid hormone disorders.
  • Suprarenal gland disorders.
  • Intersex.
  • Undescended testes in boys and the delayed menarche.
  • Follow up of patients after surgically removed hormone secreting tumor.
  • Simple or pathological obesity.

Endocrinology clinic new cases:

  • The diabetes and endocrinology clinic for new cases on Tuesday morning.
  • At room number 7 (outpatient clinic)  every week.
  • Serve 10-15 cases every week where:

New cases are examined and follow up files are done for every case including medical history and consulting one of the stuff members of endocrinology unit who is responsible for consultation according to the predetermined schedule.

New cases include :

  • Diagnosis of short stature cases and its causes.
  • Diagnosis of diabetes insipidus cases.
  • Diagnosis of disorders of thyroid gland cases.
  • Diagnosis of parathyroid gland cases.
  • Diagnosis of delayed puberty cases.
  • Diagnosis of simple or morbid obesity cases.
  • Diagnosis of disorders of sex differentiation.
  • Diagnosis of disorders of suprarenal gland.
  • Diagnosis of undescended testes or delayed menarche.
  • Diagnosis of hormonally active tumor cases.
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