Cardiology Clinic

Working two days a week Saturday and Wednesday in clinic 2.

Frequented by children with various cardiac diseases.

Cardiac disease,non associated with cyanosis:

  • Hole in the ventricles septum defect. hole in the atria septum defect.
  • Narrow pulmonary artery valve narrow valve.
  • Narrow aorta.

Cardiac disease associated with cyanosis:

  • A trophy pulmonary artery valve.
  • A reflection of the arteries of a heart attack.
  • Atrophy the left side of the heart.
  • Acquired heart defects such as rheumatic heart disease and weakness of the heart muscle diseases.

Cardiac rhythm disorder clinic:

On Thursday at clinic7. All cases are diagnosed and followed up clinically and work necessary tests for the patient, such as:

  • Normal radiation on the heart.
  • ECG circuit.
  • Measurement of saturation in the blood
  • Examine cardiac ultrasound.
  • 24- hour ECG Holter.
  • ECG effort.
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