Clinic Table


Clinic1 Clinic2 Clinic3 Clinic4 Clinic5 Clinic6 Clinic7 Clinic8 Clinic9
Satuday Sugar Heart Allergy General General General Surgery Neurology (Behavior and sleep disorder) General Hematology
Sunday Endemic(Malnutrition) Gastroenterology(Liver) Hematology General General General Surgery Rheumatic General Inflammatory kidney diseases and lupus
Monday Endocrinology(Follow-up Nephrology General Gastroenterology General General General Surgery Orthopedic General Genetics
Tuesday Genetics(New cases) Allergy Neurology(Epilepsy) General General General Surgery Endocrinology(New Cases) General ----------------
Wednesday Endemic(Infectious diseases) Heart Hematology General General General Surgery Renal General ----------------
Thursday Genetics(Follow up) Urination disorder Neurology General General General Surgery Heart rhythm disorders General Heart Surgery


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