Outpatient clinic:

  • Occupies the ground floor building outpatient
  • Receiving outpatient at least eight hundred patients a day
  • Clinics are divided as follows (each containing a twin room to detect)
  • Public clinics and include rooms (5.4, 8)
  • Staffed by a member of the faculty and (2) Assistant Lecturer and (2) a resident doctor with the trainees of interns

Speciality Clinica:

  • Number three chambers to follow up cases of specialized units:
  • Clinic(1)Genetics Unit- Infectious Diseases and Nutrition-Endocrinology and sugar.
  • Clinic(2) heart unit - a unit of the digestive system and liver- kidney unit- Unit allergies.
  • Clinic(3)Allergy Unit- Unit Hematology and Oncology Unit - nerves.
  • Clinic(6)clinic dedicated to the pediatric surgery unit for the detection and follow - up
  • Clinic(7) Unit nerves - Cardiothoracic Surgery - Endocrinology and sugar - heart unit rheumatology and rehabilitation clinic - Clinic heart surgery.
  • Clinic(9) unit Hematology and Oncology - kidney Genetics - heart surgery.

Clinics have no inpatient department:

Primary care present the following services:

  • Awareness of breastfeeding and to give the mother all the data for that period
  • Give solutions to cases of gastroenteritis(oral and intravenous)
  • Infection control at the hospital(in collaboration with the Department of microbiological - Faculty of Medicine)
  • Exchange treatment for outpatients public and free of charge through the outpatient pharmacy, as well as exchange treatment at the state expense for some patients for whom they provide this service state.
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