Mission and Vision

The hospital provides the best medical services to all children without discrimination.
Quality Assurance and access to national and international accreditation of the University Children's Hospital - Mansoura University controls.

:Qualities of a successful Service Provider

Sadr capacity: which enables to deal with patients in different categories and their cases to obtain satisfaction .rouh affection: Valepeshashh and smile in the face of the patient and to bring happiness to him it is a matter of religion.
Respect for the patient: it is the foundation on which should be based upon your relationship with the patient, including him feel personal importance.
Initiative to help: do not leave the patient confused ... where to go and who directs inquiries.
Taking into account the privacy: It is one of the efficient employee specification and secretariats that should characterize

 Successful Service Provider Skills

- Persuasion.
  - Ability to innovation and development.
- Constant vigilance.
- Speed of delivery and reduce his time.
- Work under pressure.
- Organization and time management successfully.
- Speed in solving the problems that it faces.
- Continuous improvement of its performance style.
- Strength of character and self-control.
- Ability to proficiency in response to the other party questions.
- Ability to make decisions and make new proposals.

How to provide quality service to patients:

Patient Needs

Do not those who fail to provide the service and they are: Be who achieve excellence in service delivery are:
- Of them seem to depression and anger. - Who has a positive attitude and a good appearance.
- Who would prefer to work alone or in the company of things. - Those who feel they relish working with others and for
- Than they want to be the focus of attention and not others - Who has the ability to put the patient at the center of their interests and not instead of themselves.
- From the working level of the slow movement and they tend to be lazy. - Those with high level of activity and vitality and enjoy fast-forward.
- To consider that the technical aspects of the job is more important than pleasing the patient. From looking at their job as a profession in the first place human relationships.
- Of making the work is done routinely are afraid of change. - From a flexible and enjoy new ideas and experiences.
- Those who question the whole time that the patient is always right and take an offensive position all the time. -They  allow patients to be right, even in the cases where they are not well and seeking excuses for them


- To treat them and with them with dignity and respect.
- Services provided to meet their expectations.
- To feel satisfied after their dealings with you.
- Should receive assistance when it is needed.
- To deal with them according to Onamathm personal.
- To respect their time.
- To feel that you are standing on their side.
- To provide them with clear information upon request.

Service Advantages:

The direction of a positive, interesting enough, outstanding performance.

Positive direction :


- Provides internal desire to serve the patient.
- Provide care and assistance to the values of others.
- Do not wait for payoff Alkhaddmhoo thanked them.
- Prepare to face the problems and take responsibility.
- The desire to acquire the necessary skills to work.





Efficient Care:

- Listening.
- Observation of the behavior of the patient.
- Respond to the situation as normal.
- Adapt to the patient and facilities according to style and status.
- Insist on patient service.





:Outstanding performance

- That God loves when one of you to do it well, you do the right thing the first time.
- Speed in the performance of the Service and terminating the procedures required first impression left by others at the last.
- Commitment to the promises they make on yourself and avoid the failure to meet the expectations of Almarboo facilities.
- Avoid blaming others "colleagues, the president, the system, and other departments."
- Avoid erotic picture of indifference to others: Kalmhadthat private telephone or leave the workplace, yawning or chewing gum or eat while dialogue with customers.

  Wisdom: Trust your self and your abilities if you don't  sit stumbled but then he has come up towards the summit.

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