• The unit receiving critical cases from inside or outside the hospital and provide care through her faculty members and nursing staff (mostly graduates College of Nursing), who trained well trained to take care of these cases through travel abroad or training programs in various universities, and include these cases casescoma and respiratory failure and congestive heart failure and kidney and liver failure and severe bacterial infections.
  • Expanding the service of pediatric critical care in delta region and creating and empowering the scientific community of the specialty all over Egypt.
  • Providing every child with the world class service that he/she deserves.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of critically ill children in Mansoura university children hospital.
  • Communication with all hospitals of the delta region for consultation and transferring critically ill children.
  • Educational role for pediatricians, GP and parents to spot early features of critical illness in children.
  • Training of pediatricians from all over the country in the field of pediatric critical care.
  • Training of nurses all over the country in the field of pediatric critical care.

Unit achievements:

  • Scientific Co-operation between the unit and the other units in Egypt.
  • Scientific Co-operation between the unit and UK PICUs.
  • Performing cutting-edge research in the field of pediatric critical care which materialized in a series of international publications.
  • The PICU at MUCH initiated the foundation of the Egyptian Society of Pediatric Intensive Care (www.espic.org). ESPIC was awarded membership of the World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies (www.wfpiccs.org).
  • The unit currently holds a seat in the board of directors of WFPICCS and the ambassadorship of WFPICCS to Egypt.
  • The unit has organized two conferences in 2007 and 2009. The third conference was organized in 2010 in collaboration with ESPIC.
  • The unit organizes regular scientific meetings and training workshops in pediatric emergencies and critical care.

The new look of the unit

  • Increasing the capacity of the unit to admit 11 critical care children.
  • Covering of 6 governments.
  • Spacing large number of beds for critically ill children.
  • The high ability of communication with other children hospitals for transferring and consulting about the cases.
  • The presence of 5 consultant doctors of pediatric intensive care , two assistant lectures, 4 specialized residents and 110 trained nurses.
  • Developing the unit to be the first one supplying the scientific and educational service in the Delta.
  • Receiving critically ill children from delta region.
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Contact Us

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