• About 1/3 of the children visiting out patient clinic of MansouraUniversitychildren hospital have gastro intestinal and liver diseases.
  • Absence of the units of such scientific concept.
  • Absence of medical awareness for both parents and medical general practioners towards these dangerous diseases either on the near or far future.
  • The amazing increase of the number of these disease the advancement in instruments used for the diagnosis in this field.
  • Insufficient number of specialist doctors in this very sensitive field which needs a special skills and heavy medical background either in diagnosis, treatment or follow up.

step by Step Finalizing the Structure of the unit since 1986 till 2000

.Establishing outpatient clinic in MansouraUniversityhospital interested in gastro intestinal and liver disease patients

Establishing of pediatric endoscopy unit including esopho-gastro -duodenoscopy, colonoscopy, enteroscopy and ERCP

Supplying the unit with the most recent and high tech. instruments for the diagnosis and management of these patients and preventing complications.

Unit Place:

Mansoura University Children Hospital (Outpatient Clinic - The Second Floor)

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