Prof/ Mohamed Majdi Mohammed Abou El Khair (Professor of Pediatrics,Head)

Prof/ Hala Mohamed Fawzy Almrsfawy (Professor of Pediatrics)

Prof/ Mona Mohammed Mustafa Hafez (Professor of Pediatrics)

Ass.Prof/ Mohamed Kamal Metwally Matar(Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Ass.Prof/ Ahmed Farag El Hasanen(Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Ass.Prof/ Amany Mamdouh Ismail Shoumah (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Gehan Attia (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Hany Mahmoud a Abou Hadid (Lect.Pediatrics)

Dr/Shimaa Abd El Majid Shaban (assistant Lec.of Pediatric)

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