Laboratory examination of cardiac Echo

  • It contains three of the latest ultrasonic devices and includes every device on the normal Doppler and color Doppler and histological examination of a two-dimensional cardiac.
  • Each device includes a multi-level probe to examine the heart through the esophagus.

Cardiac catheterization lab

  • Is one of the latest devices and the first device in Mansoura University Hospitals, where it has an Bozorain moving on two different levels, which helps to examine the cardiac from different angles.
  • Cardiac catheterization unit extension physiology of the cardiac electrical system which will enable them to identify unusual tracks and that is ironed by a special device, as well as any electrical active focus resulting in an imbalance in a heartbeat.

ECG laboratory:

  • Contains a number 4 devices to draw high-tech heart to serve patients attending cardiology unit child Bmschfah.
  • The lab contains the latest devices EKG over 24 hours (Holter) and follow any defect Seen heart was the work of about 250 cases.

Laboratory examination of the cardiac through ECG effort

Contains two of the latest devices are currently in Egypt as it provider technology is very high to measure heart muscle under different degrees and rising effort and help this plant in the diagnosis of heart resulting from a defect in aortic valve or pulmonary valve as well as diseases inflation heart muscle and the left ventricle and diseases resulting from faultyECG and coronary insufficiency.  


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