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cardiac surgery operation room

Intesive care cardiac surgery room

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It was found in 2005 and it service kids and patients with congenital and acquired cardiac lesions. We perform 5 to7cases "open and closed
" cardiac surgeries weakly . We receive above 50 cases weakly in our out patient clinic.

Unit Place:

Mansoura University Children Hospital (The Main Building - Seventh Floor) 

Air Jordan XVII 17


  • D.C device.
  • Laryngeal telescope.
  • Laryngeal tubes Sizes.
  • Pipe Sizes bra.
  • ACT device.
  • Disks Monitor.
  • Needle holder.
  • C.V.P Sizes.
  • Catheter Chwit Sizes.
  • Hardware solutions are listed.
  • Laryngeal telescope (straight and crooked).
  • Gauges oxygen saturation.
  • Devices pumps solutions.
  • Devices syringes solutions.
  • Device shocks to revive the heart.
  • Fluoroscopic moving.
  • ABG device contents.
  • Almonetor devices and its derivatives.
  • My moving Chwit.
  • Central Alchwit bodies.
  • Ventilators and its derivatives.
  • Heart pacemaker (single and double).
  • Ombobaj (small and large).
  • Head Box (small and large).
  • Chinese chest incision contents.
  • CVP Sizes.
  • Pipe Sizes bra.
  • Private surgical instruments carefully heart surgery
  • Arterial connections.
  • Bottle bra.
  • Redevak.
  • To Adrickas.
  • Imokron pipes.
  • Laryngeal tubes Sizes.
  • Callaway Basin.
  • Mosquito.


We perform all kinds of simple and complex congenital cardiac lesions, like:

  • Patent ductus arteriosus.
  • A trial septal defect.
  • Ventricular septal defect.
  • A trio ventricular septa defect.
  • Neonatal coarctaion.
  • TOF repair.
  • TGA repair.
  • Pulmonary artery banding.
  • Vascular ring.
  • ALL other types of congenital cardiac surgeries.
  •  Neonatal and Congenital Thorathic surgeries .

We receive patients from surrounding areas of Delta region as well as from other areas of whole country of Egypt. We also receive patients from neighboring Arab Countries.

Our vision

A continuous improvement of clinical services till we achieve clinical excellence And be The Best in the country and whole region.

Our mission is

  • Provide a state of art clinical and surgical care of neonates, babies and children with cardiac defects.
  • Hand-on training of junior cardiac surgeon's.
  • Communication with the patient's family.
  • Formation of patient groups for each clinical entity Ex,cardiac patient with Down syndrome.
  • Continious medical education and Exchange clinical &surgical . experience with corresponding centers in Arab and African countries.
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Prof/ Mohamed Adel Fetouh El Gamal  (Prof.Cardiac Surgery).

Dr/ Ahmed Abd El Alim                           (Assistant Lect.Cardiac Surgery).

Administration and Technician

  • (1)Engineer Equipment was trained on a heart machine, Belgium.
  • (3)Technical Equipment operations room.
  • (1)Medical Equipment Technician carefully heart surgery.

Contact Us

Mansoura, 60Elgomhoria st, Mansoura University, chlidern hospital , 35516

Fax:  0502238673
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.