Pediatric Staff

Num Name Speciality
1 Hanim Mohamed Metwally El Tahan> Prof.Intensive Care
2 Samir Mohammed Abo El Hassan Tantawi Prof.Infection and Nutrition
3 Shadia Mustafa Kemal Sallab Prof.Neonatology
4 Ahmed Fathi Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Prof.Gastroenterology
5 Zakaria Ibrahim Ibrahim morsi Prof.Genetics
6 Magdi Mohamed Ibrahim Zidan Prof. Allergy/Immunlogy
7 Magdy Abd el Moneim Mahmoud El Zainy Prof.Endocrinology
8 Youssif Abd El Halim Al Tonbary Prof.Hematology/Oncology
9 Mohamed Talaat Ali Hassan Khashaba Prof.Neonatology
10 Amr Aly Aly Sarhan Prof.Nephrology
11 Mohammad Reda Bassiouny Prof.Neonatology
12 Ahmed Settin Prof.Genetics
13 Mohamed Magdy Mohamed Abu El Khair Prof.Cardiology
14 Ali Ali Ibrahim Shaltot Prof.Genetics
15 Ahmed Kamal Mansour Prof.Hematology/Oncology
16 Mohammed Abdel-Rahman shoukair Prof.Genetics
17 Mustafa Mahmoud Fahmi Ibrahim Ayouti Prof.Neurology
18 Ashraf Mohammed Abdel Basset al Bakr Prof.Nephrology
19 Tarek ELdissouki AbdelGlel Reda Prof. Allergy/Immunlogy
20 Mohammed Mohammed Saleh El Hajjar Prof.Genetics
21 Hala Mohammed Fawzi Almrsfawy Prof.Cardiology
22 Hesham El Sayed Abd El Hadi El Sayed Prof.Neonatology
22 Ayman Mohammed Abdel Nabi Hammad Prof.Nephrology
23 Nabil Mahmoud Abd El Razek Abd El Aal Prof.Hematology/Oncology
24 Osman El sayed Soliman El Adle Prof.Infection and Nutrition
25 Mohamed Ezz El Regal Abbas Ameen Prof.Gastroenterology
26 Mohamed Attia Mohamed Bayoumi Prof.Intensive Care
27 Mona Mohammed Mustafa Hafez Prof.Cardiology
28 Basma Osama Mohammed Shoman Prof.Neonatology

General Surgery Staff

Speciality Name Num
Prof.General Surgery Mahmoud Moghazi Hassan Shoair 1
Prof.General Surgery Muhammad Al Ghazali Hameed 2
Prof.General Surgery Tarek Badrawy Abd El Azeez 3

Cardiac Surgery Staff

Speciality Name Num
Prof.Cardiac Surgery Mohamed Adel Fetouh El Gamal 1


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