Department 6


The main building - Fifth floor.

Department stAff:

Dr/ Magdy Mohammed Ibrahim Zidan (Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Ahmed Abd El Salam El Sayed Settin (Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/Mustafa Mahmoud Fahmi Ibrahim El Ayouti (Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/Hesham El Sayed Abd El Hady El sayed(Professor of Pediatrics,Head)

Dr/ Amany Mamdouh Ismail Shoumah (Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Basma Osama Mohammed Shouman (Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Alaa Mohamed Mohamed Abd El Kader (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Mohamed Mohamed Ali El Sayed (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)

Dr/ Riad Mostafa El Sayed Ahmed (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)
Dr/ Ahmed Megahed Hassan(Lect.Pediatrics)

Dr/Hany Mahmoud Abou Hadid (Lect.Pediatrics)
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